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10 Tools Every Blogger Should be Using

Let’s be honest, blogging is tough. There are a million things a blogger needs to take care of. Generating ideas, creating SEO friendly content which your audience must like, taking pictures, creating visual content, designing the blog, generate backlinks are of course a few among many. Any and every tool that can help bloggers achieve their objectives comes across as a boon.
In my four years of blogging experience, I have used and thrown tons of tools and applications but there are 10 that I absolutely cherish. Here are 10 tools that every blogger should be using.

1. Wordpress / Easyblog (App)

Gone are the days when you needed a laptop to blog. Today mobile apps are able to perform all essential blogging tasks smoothly.
On the Wordpress app, you can manage blogs hosted on Not only can you write and edit posts and manage comments but also check analytics for your blog.

Blogger bloggers are at a slight disadvantage here as the blogger app isn’t really user friendly. But you need not worry as I have found the near perfect alternative.
Easyblog is an app which can help you manage your blogger blog. In the easy blog app you can write and edit your posts. However, it doesn’t allow you to check your blog analytics. You need not worry though as I have an app on this list that would help you do that as well.
Also, people blogging on Tumblr, Medium or any other blogging platform can also blog using mobile apps. The world is going mobile and you don’t want to be left behind.

2. Visme

what is visme
Today’s generation is often called ADHD generation. The attention span of people have drastically reduced in the past few years. As a blogger then, it is your duty to create content that would keep readers’ attention. What better way to keep your readers engaged than creating Visual content.

But Hetal I’m not a graphic designer and I don’t know how to create infographics and other visual content, I hear you say. Worry you not my friend as I have just the right tool for you.
Using Visme, you can create infographics, interactive images and other visual content. You can also add animations to any object in Visme.

The best thing about Visme is that it is very easy to use and practically need no design knowledge. Hundreds of templates and millions of images, widgets and icons are at your disposal.

3. Airtable

One of the most basic rule of blogging is to create a blogging calendar. While this is possible to do in Google calendar or Apple calendar, I would advise against it. The reason is simple. You want to keep your blog’s editorial calendar separate from your other meetings and tasks. Airtable offers the best editorial calendar for blog.
As you can see in the video below, you can add things like, date schedule, status of your work, section (domain), editor, author, final title, editorial notes and attachments.

4. Trello

In my previous post How to write a blog-post, I mention how and why you should create boards on Trello. In order to get great ideas, you need to have a lot of them. Every idea you get deserves a place in your Trello board. At the end of the day, look at those ideas you listed down and shortlist one or more for writing and move them to a new list.

5. Google Docs

Whenever I start a new post, I create a draft and edit it in Google docs and then simply copy paste on my blog.
The best thing about Google docs is that it uses cloud storage and you can access it from any device. Many-a-times, bloggers don’t finish a write up in one go. It becomes tiresome if you have a part of your write up in one device and then you have to continue on other.
With Google docs, you can start writing at home on your laptop and then while commuting, continue on your mobile.
Apart from this, Google docs offers a variety of features like inserting charts, pictures etc, dictionary, word count and an explore option that lets you search the web from within your doc.

6. Keyword planner

If you are interested in driving organic traffic to your blog, keyword planner is the first tool that you need to use.
After you have come up with a blog-post idea, head over to keyword planner and type in a few words related to your post. Browse for several different keywords and pick a few that you believe will do well for you. All you need to do now is implant these keywords in your post.

7. Google Webmaster

Google webmaster will show you how Google views your site and what Google thinks your site is about. This is because you can keep creating content but if Google thinks your content is not what you think it is, your blog will suffer a lot.
Find out when and how your site comes into search results, help google understand the structured data on your blog, create sitemap and use tools like data markup healer within webmaster. To understand more about what you can do with Google webmaster, read this article on search engine land.

8. Google Analytics

what is google analyticsEarlier in the post, I told you that you need not worry about Easyblog not letting you see your analytics. That is because you should be using Google analytics instead of blogger or wordpress analytics anyway.

9. Skitch

Skitch can be used to add arrows and shapes in an image. This is really helpful when you wish to point out at a specific feature of an image. Many of the pictures on my post How to write a blog-post have been created by Skitch. 

10. Social media

social media iconsI know social media isn’t one tool or an app but 10 tools Every Blogger Should be Using would be incomplete without social media. Publishing your blog link on social media is one of the most important element of blogging. For almost every blogger, about 60-90% of their audience comes through social media. While some have found their traffic-mine on Facebook, others have found it on twitter or pinterest or instagram or any other social media.
Since we are discussing about social media, I would like to see you being a part of my social media. Find me using the icons below.

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