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The almighty GOD: Debunked

god exists or not

Disclaimer :-
1) The following meaning of God would be taken throughout this article.
    - Creator and ruler of the Universe
    - Source of all moral authority
    - Has power over nature and all living beings
    - Is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and omnibenevolent
2) Along with the above definition of God, we would also consider religious works like Bible, Quran, Vedas’ etc to be the wise words of God
3) All the arguments in this article would be based on logic, rationality, and science

First, let us interpret the definition of God.
God, the creator of this Universe, the one who is all powerful and all knower and the one who is present everywhere in the Universe has deep interests in what humans do, humans who btw aren’t even one zillionth part of the universe. He constantly looks at the good and the bad deeds of humans and when they die, send them to heaven or hell accordingly and in some cases gives them a second birth.

It is said that humans cannot even lift a leaf without the almighty God’s consent. Also, the law of Karma suggests that whatever good or bad we do, equal or more good or bad will happen to us.
But hey, if I can’t do anything without the consent of God, how can I commit a bad deed? And if I did commit a bad deed (with God’s consent) and then because of my Karma, if such bad happens to me, is God to be blamed? Also, if God is omniscient, it would mean he knows the past, the present and the future. If he knows the future, it means the future is fixed. And if the future is fixed, God cannot change it. But isn’t he omnipotent, the all powerful? If he is omnipotent, he should be able to change the future but that would make him “not omniscient”. You see the problem?

I was born in a Hindu family. My parents are God believers and for much of my life, I was too. I grew up listening to the stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana, the heroic and divine tales of 330 million Hindu Gods and deities. Thanks to my Christian tutor, I also grew up listening to the tales and philosophy of Jesus, the story of Noah and the likes. As a kid, I used to believe all those stories much like I used to believe in Santa and Gabbar who would kidnap me if I don’t sleep on time. But as I grew up, I was also introduced to science and logic by the same parents and the same tutor. I learned Physics, Maths, and engineering and from a gullible kid, I turned into a perceptive person. Teenage is a time when our curiosity reaches a peak and I was curious about everything and even God couldn’t escape my curiosity realm.

If God exist, do ghosts too?
How good is heaven and how bad is Hell?
Why God allows suffering? Why doesn’t he eradicate evil?
Why even after I do only good, do bad things happen to me?
Why can’t I see God?
Can we ever meet God?
Has anyone ever seen God?
Who is more powerful, Jesus or Krishna?
Why are there so many Gods?
Are all of them omnipotent?
Does God listen to our prayers? Will I get good grades If I pray?
Who created God?
Why are you so sure that God is real?
Does God love us all?
Why does Allah, Krishna, and Jesus allow their followers to fight one another in their name? Why can’t they just come to Earth once and tell everyone not to fight because none of them is wrong? Hey, is one or more of them wrong?
Why different religion ask us to do different and contradictory things?
The questions were many but there was only one answer. Do not question God. It’s blasphemous. The kid me believed the answer but later the adult me realized one thing. They did not answer my questions because they did not know the answer. They had the same questions when they were kids and were told the same thing by their parents. They never questioned God ever again because they feared him/her/it. They simply did not want to rot in Hell. But why would God send anyone to Hell if he is omnibenevolent and loves us all equally?

It was during these times when I realized that The almighty God theory contradicts itself at a number of places and nobody dares question them as it is blasphemous. The few rational and logical people who dare to ask, today, call themselves “Atheists”. Some who did not want to take a side started calling themselves “Agnostics”. The rest are “theists” who still believe, God exists.

Let’s look at the arguments that theists give in support of God’s existence and debunk them with logic, rationality, and science.

  1. Cause and effect argument

    Argument: Since you are logical, you must believe in cause and effect. I.e. one thing causes another and nothing can be brought into effect without a cause. Also, since you believe in science, you must believe in Big bang theory. According to big bang theory, 13.6 billion years ago universe came into existence from nothing. How do you explain that without saying, God created it?

    Answer: Yes, I believe in cause and effect and in big bang theory. And honestly, I don’t know what(cause) made the big bang(effect) to happen? But I can safely say that just because we do not know the answer, we cannot just use God and kill our curiosity. What we must do is try to find the real cause. Also, using your very same argument of cause and effect, God too is an effect. What is the cause for the existence of God? If God created the big bang, who created God? Who created God’s God? And you know where I’m headed.

    Result: Debunked
  2. Only God could create a perfect world

    Argument: Since you are so much into science, let's talk about science.
    Earth is at just the right distance from Sun. A little closer and it would be too hot for humans to live. A little far and it would have been too cold. Water exists in liquid form because of this balance between the hot and the cold. Also, as per "your" Darwinian theory, life first originated in the sea and then because of tides those sea creatures ended up on land and eventually humans were born. The moon caused those tides suggesting it was just at the right place to cause just the right tides for this transition to happen. The perfect rotation, the perfect gravity, the perfect magnetic field, the perfect temperature and the perfect sea level has made life on earth possible. Do you believe all of this happened by coincidence?

    Answer: There are zillions and zillions of galaxies in our universe and these zillions of galaxies have zillions of stars one of which is our sun. Zillions of planets revolve around such zillions of stars. It is safe to assume that there are more than tredecillion planets in our universe and out of all of them, a few happens to be just perfect for life. More than coincidence, this is science and the infinite monkey theorem explains it.
    The infinite monkey theorem says that if an infinite number of monkeys typed on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time, there would at least one instance where the monkey would type the complete work of Shakespeare. Not just Shakespeare’s work but any and every possible combination of letters and words would be typed. One of them would be Hamlet and that doesn't mean the monkey is smart and literate enough to write Hamlet.  Similarly, out of tredecillion planets, a couple of Hamlet-like Earths does not suggest that God exists.

    Result: Debunked
  3. The beautiful and intelligent design

    Argument: A) There is a beautiful order in Universe. How do you explain that? B) Human body is just perfect. Can a chance create such perfect body?

    Answer: A) Laws of nature. There is order in Universe because it is billions of years old. When you give time to things, they fall in place. Throw a rock in water. It will form ripples but after a while the ripples would cease to exist and the order would return.
    B) Darwinian theory explains how perfect human body came to be. Also, human body is still not perfect and the evolution would continue to happen (over thousands of years). Ever heard of survival of the fittest? The same applies here. There are many life forms that existed before us but are now extinct as they couldn’t evolve.

    Result: Debunked
  4. Miracles

    Argument: Explain Miracles. If God doesnt exists, why do they happen?

    Answer: Firstly, most of the miracles are anecdotal. When you tell your friend that you heard from me about my friend’s friends’ magical healing, it is very likely that the story has been spiced and juiced up.
    Secondly, say a miracle did happen. You saw it with your naked eyes and science cannot explain it. But tell me one thing. Has science remained stagnant since its inception? Everyday we learn something new in science that we did not know yesterday. Possibly science cannot explain a particular miracle today, but it could tomorrow or day after if only you stop being lazy and start working rather than explain it by saying God did it. God did not do it. There is definitely a scientific explanation. Try to find that.

    Result: Debunked
  5. Pascal’s wager

    Argument: There are equally good arguments for both existence and non exietence of God. If there is a God and you believe in him/her/it, you win everything. If there is no God and you believe in him/her/it, you lose nothing but if God exists and you do not believe in him, you lose everything.

    Answer: This argument though considered the smartest by thiests, is dumbest.
    Imagine there is no God and you believe in him/her/it, you think you will lose nothing but the fact is that you are losing. Majority of terrorism in our world is based on religious grounds. Islamic terrorists want to destroy west for religious reasons, Islamic terrorists want to kill other Islamic terrorists because they are a different faction with different beliefs. There are religious tensions between Hindus and Muslims. All religions are in conflict with one another and they have resulted in millions of death and destruction of property. People live in fear because of religion. Majority of today’s problems of the world wouldn’t exist if there were no religion. And where did religion come from? Your belief in God.

    Result: Debunked

Many people believe in God but doesn't want to talk about their beliefs. They do not want to argue about God. They say, God exists because he does. Firstly, this seems childish and doesn't make any sense and secondly, as Richard Dawkins say, the onus is upon believers to prove God exist and not on non believers to prove God does not. Most people believe in God because their parents fixated the idea of God in their minds when they were kids and they are just too afraid to ask the questions. Your parents weren’t brave and logical enough. You be. I invite any logical and rational person who can counter my arguments.

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