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Equality: The Word messed up

pseudo-feminism vs feminism
Equality used to mean a state of being equal, especially in opportunities, rights, and duties (I hope). However, partly because of dumb gullible folks and partly because of dumber Indian Internet media companies, the word "Equality" has today been messed up.

In one of my previous post, "Pseudo-feminism and Anti-male bias", I talk a bit about how the movement of feminism started with the argument of equality and how a large faction of it took a wrong turn towards Pseudo-feminism. Today, I want to talk about how pseudo-feminists have totally messed up the word "equality".

There are two kinds of Pseudo-feminists, the manipulative witch ones who know they are messing up the word "equality" and taking undue advantage of the feminist movement (Type - 1) and the ones who are too dumb to realize that what they think is feminism is actually pseudo-feminism (Type - 2). The major chunk of the second type of people comprises of dumb teenagers and adults with dumb teenage minds. But who is feeding these dumb gullible people such ideas? The culprit is "Internet media companies". 

While many of India's internet media companies are doing a lot of good work, there are some who only send the vibes of being Social Justice Warriors. The one I want to talk about today is called "ScoopWhoop". I'm sure you've heard about them, watched their videos and read their stories. Surely, they have created some good content until they decided to make this video called "Annoying things Indian Women are sick of hearing".

Did you watch it?
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 
I know you are.
This video is misleading in so many different ways. The video which is supposedly created to promote equality seems to be rather promoting ill-mannerism. If you are a feminist, you already know what I'm talking about. If you are Type - 1 pseudo-feminist, you don't care as long as you can screw guys in the name of feminism. If you are Type - 2 pseudo-feminist or in other words 'one of the 23,600 people who liked this video on YouTube', you don't know what I'm talking about and hence let me break this video down for you. 

Scene 1

Mother: You are 25 now. Learn a bit how to cook. The way to husband's heart is through his stomach.
Pseudo-feminist: No mumma, the way to husband's heart is through a little below his stomach as well.

My Interpretation: She doesn't want to learn how to cook because "reasons". She thinks "The way to husband's heart is through his stomach" is an Anti-feminist saying. And she plans to reach his heart through well, a little below his stomach which btw is very feministic*. 
What's so messed up?
a. Seriously, you are 25. Learn how to cook. It's for your own good. And if you don't wanna learn, don't but that's no way to talk to your mother who cleaned your potty when you were a baby.
b. The video wants to convey that "The way to husband's heart is through his stomach" is an Anti-feminist saying. However, it is not. Please read it again. What's so anti-feminist about it? So a wife cooks a lovely dinner for her husband. A beautiful and lovely gesture right? Does the statement say that it is wife's duty to cook for the husband? Does it say that the husband shall never cook and that it is a women's job? The statement premises on the fact that a good meal brings people in good mood. 

Scene - 2 

Female friend/relative: What? You don't know how to drape a saree?
Pseudo-feminist: No, but I can undrape it in less than 30 seconds.
My interpretation: She has to wear a saree for some occasion. She doesn't know how to drape a saree. She is proud that she can undrape it in 30 seconds.
What's so messed up?
Umm. Okay, I got nothing here. It's okay if she doesn't now how to drape a saree. And 30 seconds? Women, you got skills. But hey, try to be less rude. No no, not because you're a woman but because you're a human. And learning how to drape a saree wouldn't be such a bad idea. Hey, your choice.

Scene - 3

Pseudo-feminist is speaking loudly about some random things in a restaurant and her friends become uncomfortable.
Male friend: You should talk softly. You are a lady.
Pseudo-feminist: (softly) How about you just fuck off? 
What's so messed up?
a. Shouting loudly in a restaurant is really not a good thing, let alone being proud of it
b. She is inconsiderate of her friends' discomfort

Scene - 4

Pseudo-feminist is serving daal to some guest and she misses the bowl. A spoonful of daal spills on the dining table.
Guest: You know at your age (25), I had a child.
Pseudo-feminist: Aunty, even I would have had a child but I keep my pills handy.

What's so messed up?
a. Dude, you are a healthy 25-year-old. How can you be so clumsy, spill daal while serving guest and not be concerned about it? How about you serve properly? How about you immediately clean the mess? How about you give up that snobbish grin on your face?
b. Condoms are healthier than pills. But hey, your choice.

Scene - 5

Female friend/relative: So, when are you getting married?
Pseudo-feminist: Fawad is not picking up my calls. Whenever he does, I will marry.

What's so messed up?
I guess, this scene's okay.

Scene - 6

Pseudo-feminist in driver seat
Male Friend: Hey, you can drive right? See, I don't have an insurance.

What's so messed up?
I agree jokes on women drivers are anti-feminist but maybe he is concerned because you can't even serve daal without spilling it. There is a good chance your clumsy hands won't be able to handle the wheel.

Scene - 7

Pseudo-feminist is bashing a subordinate.
Female colleague (after the subordinate left): Why so angry? That time of the month?
Pseudo-feminist: Yes, but see I have a reason. What's your reason to barge into people's conversation? 
My Interpretation: Either subordinate didn't do his work right and that made her angry or it was indeed that time of the month and she was angry. 
What's so messed up?
Why would a person who sits opposite to you every day in the office ask you about your every day you are always like that? Meaning this one is a peculiar case. The colleague assumed and made a small talk. No reason to be so cranky about it. 

Scene - 8

Pseudo-feminist and friends in a crowded restaurant.
Pseudo-feminist uttering swear words loudly. "Gaand mara, bhenchod".
Male friend: You swear so much for a girl. Be more respectful. Be ladylike.

What's so messed up?
Agreed, "so much for a girl" is anti-feminist. But its still messed up.
In scene - 3, she was just talking loudly in a restaurant and making people uncomfortable. Now she is swearing loudly in a crowded restaurant and making people uncomfortable. 

Scene - 9

Pseudo-feminist drinking at a bar.
Pseudo-feminist: So you were saying something?
Male friend / random person: You are a girl. You should drink more responsibly.
Pseudo-feminist: That's my fourth drink and I haven't spilled a single drop. That's responsible, right?
What's so messed up?
Alright, there's nothing here.

ScoopWhoop may have had good intentions in its heart. Let's promote equality. What they did was just mess up with the word. The lead woman comes out as rude, clumsy, arrogant and ill-mannered who has taken her sexual prowess pride way overboard.

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