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Pseudo-feminism and Anti-male bias; Let's talk

We saw the brilliance of Sherlock or more precisely that of the writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat when they showed us how a modern day Sherlock would look like and how mind-bending has the journey been. But for various reasons of all the episodes barring “The Reichenbach Fall”, my favorite remains “The abominable bride”. Sherlock recreated an unsolved murder mystery from the 1800s in his mind palace. What was astonishing is how precisely he recreated the entire social setup of that time period including how women were treated as second-class citizens devoid of even voting rights.

“Our way of life is under threat from an invisible army - One that hovers at our elbow on a daily basis. These enemies are everywhere - undetected and unstoppable.” Says Mycroft to Dr. Watson

When Watson asks Mycroft how do they defeat these enemies, Mycroft replies that they don't defeat them and they must certainly lose to them. “Because they are right and we are wrong.” He adds.

Not unlike any other time, Mycroft Holmes was right because this Invisible army was composed of the women of 19th century England and was fighting for their voting rights. Men did accept defeat and throughout the early 20th century women were given voting rights in different countries.

The wave of feminism spread like a wildfire in the 20th century and for the right reasons. The idea was to get political, economic, personal and social rights for women. The right to vote, the right to education, the right to work and receive equal pay (fair wages), right to own property, equal rights within marriage and of course rights to have maternity leave. The umbrella became bigger, again, for the right reasons and feminism also started meaning protecting women from domestic violence and sexual harassment. The way of life of men was wrong. Women were right and men lost the battle (Some wilfully and some reluctantly).     

Before going further, I want to take a minute to muse about one of my favorite book, “The animal farm”. The book was written to destroy what the author George Orwell called “Soviet myth”. It’s about some farm animals who wanted freedom and equal rights for all the animals and rebel against the farm owners. After the success of the rebellion, in “not so surprising” turn of events, one of the power hungry pig called Napolean becomes their cruel dictator. I believe that the book can explain more than just Stalin’s betrayal of the Russian Revolution. It tells us how the equal rights movements often inadvertently become “We want some more rights” movements. Psychology explains the logic behind this, we always want more. In my opinion, this is what the feminist movement has become today.

The majority of us would agree that today society as a whole has accepted that both men and women are equal. Some would even argue that society and our justice system have become pro-women. IPC section 498A deals with domestic violence. The offense of domestic violence is cognizable meaning men under suspicion could be arrested without any warrant, it is non-compoundable meaning it cannot be settled outside of court and it is non-bailable. IPC section 497 says that a man having sex with a married woman is guilty of adultery but it doesn’t apply to women. Today, a woman can just point at any man and say he was eve teasing or harassing me and his life is pretty much done. The law is such that it doesn’t listen to what men have to say. Now, when I say all this I am not ignoring the fact that there are still men who are having a difficult time accepting equality and still think they are “somehow” better and deserve authority over the other gender and I am in the fight against them. Having said that, it would be plain arrogance to not accept that a faction (a large one) of the feminist movement today has become the Napolean of Animal farm - the pseudo-feminists.

A pseudo-feminist is a person who claims to be a feminist but has little idea what equality means. They talk about equality but want everything more than what men get. This is what a typical Pseudo-feminist looks like,

She is a woman, RESPECT her. I am a girl, why should I propose? Or I am a girl, he should pay the bill. You called me fat you ugly bastard. All men are fucking chauvinists. 
These people indulge in all sorts of name calling for no apparent reason – chauvinist, patriarch, misogynist, dog and the list goes on. These are the people who will bark when someone says men are smarter and when someone says women are smarter, they’d say “we don’t need your approval, we know we are” and allow me to quote Vogue Empower video “to have sex outside of marriage is my choice, Remember I am not your privilege - you are my choice, to have your baby or not is my choice”. Isn’t this all fundamentally wrong? To have sex outside of marriage is your CHOICE, seriously? To have my baby is just your* choice? Shouldn’t we both be involved in the decision making?

In simple terms, pseudo-feminists are even bigger hypocrites than your everyday politician. 
We want equality but hey blind old man can’t you see that seat is reserved for women? 
We want equal pay but how cheap of him to ask me to go dutch on our date. 
We want equal education rights but hey throw in a few reserved seats for us. 
We want equality, you beat your husband? Great job, that bastard deserved it. 
We want equality; I want to talk to you guys about this guy in the gym. He has the hottest body.

Pseudo-feminists aren’t even hard to find. Open your eyes, they are everywhere. I am “not so grateful” to have some of them as my friends. The incident happened a couple of years back. I was having a discussion with a friend about the lives saints live. She told me it was wrong that some of them choose not to look at women. Are you telling me a feminist can have sex outside of marriage but a saint has no choice of his own? Recently another incident happened involving a pseudo-feminist friend. She sent me a long text about working late in office. The gist was that men stay at the office late for the same reason that women cannot. When a woman stays late in the office, she feels guilty. They imagine the anguish of their kids waiting. People are expecting us to be home, our kids, our dogs, the maid and the mail. For men, it’s a different story. Her text even suggested that men stay at the office so that they don’t have to play with their kids. These kinds of forwarded messages are anti-male bias and smell like a pseudo-feminism agenda to me.

The battle in the 19th century England was the one we had to lose. The one in the 21st century Earth is the one we can’t. Like the white walkers north of the wall, pseudo-feminists are growing exponentially. In the game of thrones world, the real war is not between different houses but between the living and the dead. In our world, the real war is not between men and feminists but between feminists and pseudo-feminist. And make no mistake, the dead are coming.    

To the pseudo-feminist who says think about your sister and your mother, think about your brother and your father, say I. 

    Do not respect a woman because she is a woman. Respect her because she is a good person.


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    1. Being a woman and a feminist, i totally agree to every word you said. Nobody should be given respect because of the sole cause of their gender. Rather earn your respect through your deeds!

  2. I'm glad that you agree with me. Many people find it difficult to do.

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