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The world is SAD! France is ANGRY!

Paris Attacks
Paris had hardly recovered from the Charlie Hebdo shooting when ISIS decided to lose more humanity in the name of religion. Suicide bombings and mass shootings were carried out at seven places in Paris on 13th of November '15, biggest at the Bataclan theater, leaving 129 people dead and much more injured. ISIS declared that the attacks were the retaliation for the airstrikes carried out by France in Iraq and Syria. Since September last year, France has in all carried about 280 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria destroying the training camps, weapons depot and killing a number of militants.

In no time, the media across the world started breaking the news. People throughout the world condemned the attacks (except of course the militants of ISIS who were rejoicing). #ParisAttacks started trending on twitter and people started changing their profile pictures on Facebook. Many offered their prayers on Facebook*. The leaders from around the world expressed their sorrow and concern. Our very own Prime Minister said that the attack isn't on France but on humanity. The world was clearly sad. But when has being sad ever helped in achieving anything? France knew better. More than sad, it was angry.

While the world was still mourning, French air force carried out airstrikes dropping 20 bombs in Raqqa - The Islamic stronghold. ISIS killed the people in Paris and France responded. Now the world is sad again. #PrayforSyria started trending on twitter. The activists claim that many civilians died too during the strikes. Though French President Francois Hollande said that there were no civilian casualties, we are not so naive to believe it. This is war! Obviously, there would have been some civilian casualties. But then, at the same time, it is also important to respond to ISIS. You can't let a terrorist group attack your cities and then do nothing. Not every country is tolerant you see.

Maybe what France did isn't morally correct. But sometimes, bad things needs to be done to restore well. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind said, Mahatma Gandhi. Perhaps the world will be better off blind. Blind and at peace.

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