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Power of your MIND

power of mind

My uncle was suffering from paralysis. We consulted many doctors. But it seemed that curing of my uncle’s paralysis is next to impossible.

In the days, my father met his childhood friend who has become a psychologist. He has just arrived from the UK. When he came to know about my uncle’s case, he asked if he can try. My father told him that we consulted many well-known doctors of the country and how can a psychologist help a paralysis patient? But then, having a penny is better nothing. We allowed him to study the case. He was the last hope.

He gave him a special medicine and also counseled him to picture himself as a healthy and cure man. After a few months of taking this medicine and using positive mental imagery, he was cured of his disease. My father’s friend explained that actually, the medicine was a fake. It was just a false pill and contained no medicine it. 

What had cured my uncle were his positive mental images of being healthy. My father’s friend added that people with illness, such as cancer and other terminal disease have recovered completely because of seeing healthy images of themselves and meditating on getting better.

This incident gave me the answer to my query. I was always having a doubt that how many sportsmen can play so well? Have you ever watched Sir Don Bradman batting? How can he shot so well? What I think is …

He could hear the crowd shouting and chanting his name. He could feel the heat of the sun on his body. When the bowler throws a pace ball, he would keep his eye on the ball and will concentrate on using perfect batting technique. As he swings, his bat makes a contact with the ball. He could feel the vibration in his hands when the ball leaves the bat. He watches the ball as it went further and further away and finally crossing the boundary line.

This was just a description of a player’s mentality. There are many sportsmen who visualize their goal. Just as the footballers envisions the ball crossing the goalkeeper. Runners envision themselves crossing the finish line before anyone else. Also, basketball players see their shots going into their opponent’s basket before they shoot. 

Your energy stays in your way of thinking. By having positive thinking, you are able to create positive energy and that’s gonna help you in a good way

All the modern scientists talk about mental imagery. We can use our mind to take us where we want to go. So now, let’s take the oath that we will always think positive and see positive images, whenever we face obstacles in our life. We shall also think positive in negative situations. This can help us to balance our mind.

Remember, we are able to imagine my friends. THIS IS THE POWER OF YOUR MIND


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