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Life has no backspace

Life has no backspace

I am a guy who loves writing a daily diary.
and today I wanna share one day of mine with you.

This is 14th of December 2010.

This was the day when I was teaching Microsoft Word to my ten-year-old bro Shivang. For him, the task was to type about his school in Word. Mistakes were obvious and I taught him how to correct the mistakes using "BACKSPACE".

Similarly, when I was editing my pic using Adobe Photoshop, whenever I did mistakes I used "UNDO option". The day was same when I was playing chess on my PC. It was many times that I used the option "GO ONE STEP BACK".

When I was filling my GUJCET exam form, my class teacher M.J.Suthar pointed my three mistakes. But it was easy to correct it as INK RUBBER and WHITENERS are available.

The day was coming to an end when I received a call. I came to know that I have less than 50% in my prelim exam. I closed my eyes and my flashback started. I reminded myself how I was not paying attention in the lectures of P.M.Dave. I found that I have wasted all the time just to keep her happy. I remind me in the situation when I stand there for half an hour just for her one glance, her one smile; this was the only thing I cared about. I passed days and nights falling in dreams of her. She also cared. But it least matter now. Today I am bound to accept that if I would not have wasted all that time, I must have got a good rank. Today I have deep regret that I have not done anything for my future. I feel like the floor is being pulled beneath me and I am falling; all I see is DARKNESS. That late night movies-the cafe moments..all seems to be so PALLID. I loved her but I haven't done anything for myself. This is the only reason why I WANNA GO BACK IN TIME but I can't because......

Life has NO BACKSPACE, we don't have an UNDO option. Life is not a game of chess on PC that u can GO ONE STEP BACK. We don't have TIME ERASER just like ink rubber or whitener. I wasted all the time and my failure is the answer of this. Now I can not question it. IN THE END, the only thing that matters is how you spend your valuable time. 

Friends, remember life has no backspace and really time is waiting for no men!! I just wanna say that when time is flying we should at least walk.

                                   TIME IS PRECIOUS AND IT'S NOT JUST A PROVERB.

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